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What’s is your max capacity?

How long do the customer and their Vendor teams have to set up?

What’s the Venue cost ?

The cost of the venue starts at a base price of $750. More info is available at

What’s required to book an event?

Where can you see a sample contract?

Is there parking on site?

What’s the refund Policy?

Is a planner required ?

Are tables and chairs included in your price?

Are Candles / Confetti / Sparkler allowed?

What is your clean up policy?

Is there any noise restrictions?

How do you pay the deposit?

Do we allowed ticket events?

Do the customer need to provide their own liability insurance?

Can the customer store anything at the venue overnight?

Are you able to sale alcohol at your event?

Is there a loading dock at the Venue?

Can the customer have equipment delivered to the venue in advance of their event?

Do you have sound equipment available and projectors and TVs?

Do you have high-speed wired Internet?

Is smoking allowed in the venue?

Is a Venue wheelchair assessable?